Readings: Dystopian futures

LGBTQ+: A Front For The Techno-Medical Complex – Jennifer Bilek | The 11th Hour | January 26, 2022

One of the most brilliant tactics used by the gender industry in their pursuit of dismantling human sexual dimorphism for the profiteering of the techno-medical complex (TMC), was to tie their agenda of promoting body dissociation to the progressive human rights movement for LGB individuals.

What Is the Great Reset? – Michael Rectenwald | Imprimus | December 2021

Governance is not only increasingly privatized, but also and more importantly, corporations are deputized as major additions to governments and intergovernmental bodies. The state is thereby extended, enhanced, and augmented by the addition of enormous corporate assets. As such, corporations become what I have called “governmentalities”—otherwise private organizations wielded as state apparatuses, with no obligation to answer to pesky voters. Since these corporations are multinational, the state essentially becomes globalist, whether or not a one-world government is ever formalized.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation – Fabio Vighi | The Philosophical Salon | August 16, 2021

A year and a half after the arrival of Virus, some may have started wondering why the usually unscrupulous ruling elites decided to freeze the global profit-making machine in the face of a pathogen that targets almost exclusively the unproductive (over 80s). Why all the humanitarian zeal? Cui bono? Only those who are unfamiliar with the wondrous adventures of GloboCap can delude themselves into thinking that the system chose to shut down out of compassion. Let us be clear from the start: the big predators of oil, arms, and vaccines could not care less about humanity.

Activating the power of life – Paul Cudenec | Winter Oak | December 21, 2021

When an animal, such as a human being, finds itself confronted with a grave and immediate danger to its life, it reacts in a very particular way.
Understanding the severity of the situation, it releases in itself a reserve of defensive energy which it has held back for such an emergency – this, it knows, is the time to make use of its last-resort capacity.
I feel we have now reached that point with regard to the transhumanist technocratic tyranny being imposed on us under the so-called Great Reset.
We have all perhaps spent too much time discussing exactly what label we should apply to this malevolent force.

The Vaccine Moment, part three – Paul Kingsnorth | The Abbey of Misrule | December 20, 2021

This time around, I want to look at the story the Machine is telling us about these times. I want to look at the world we are being rapidly steered into, as covid-19 becomes a kind of techno-political sandbox: a testing-ground for new ways of being human in an increasingly post-human world.

Facebook, the metaverse and the monetisation of higher education – John Preston | The Conversation | November 9, 2021

If recorded academic lectures become the intellectual property of universities rather than individual lecturers, the metaverse academic might find their words and ideas repackaged and presented through artificial intelligence in the metaverse. These technologies could allow for the production of an infinite number of lectures delivered by a range of animated and avatar academics.

The Dirty Truth About Clean Technologies – Jens Glüsing, Simon Hage, Alexander Jung, Nils Klawitter, Stefan Schultz | SPIEGEL International | November 4, 2021

There’s a dirty secret hidden in every wind turbine. They may convert moving air cleanly and efficiently into electricity, but few know much about what they are made of. Much of the material inside wind turbines are the product of brutal encroachments on our natural world.
Each unit requires cement, sand, steel, zinc and aluminum. And tons of copper: for the generator, for the gearbox, for the transformer station and for the endless strands of cable. Around 67 tons of copper can be found in a medium-sized offshore turbine. To extract this amount of copper, miners have to move almost 50,000 tons of earth and rock, around five times the weight of the Eiffel Tower. The ore is shredded, ground, watered and leached. The bottom line: a lot of nature destroyed for a little bit of green power.

Intermission: The Machine Stops? – Paul Kingsnorth | The Abbey of Misrule | October 28, 2021

This absence of Halloween tat is only the most visible instance of the sudden collapse in the availability of stuff that is hitting large areas of the world right now. Examples are legion. In Britain recently, petrol shortages led to long queues at garages and violent scuffles at the pumps. Here in Ireland, we are being warned of possible power outages throughout the winter. Supermarket shelves from Spain to Brazil are running short on basics. And workers are suddenly, mysteriously, in short supply worldwide. In a country of nearly 70 million people, the UK government can’t find enough people to drive lorries, despite offering to pay them as much as some doctors. Container ships are queueing up at ports in America because not enough dockers are available to unload them.

Martine Rothblatt – A Modern Day Ivanovich Selivanov? – Jennifer Bilek | The 11th Hour | October 20, 2021

Are we in the throes of a new techno-religious cult, modern cousin to the Skoptsy, but driven by the almost unimaginable powers of modern technology, sewn to unfettered capitalism? In the hands of men like Martine Rothblatt, Susan Stryker, and Rachel Levine, it seems our humanity won’t have much of a prayer, unless we start praying to a life-giving goddess, instead of a machine god.

The WEF and the Pandemic – Swiss Policy Research | October 6, 2021

How is the Davos World Economic Forum involved in the coronavirus pandemic?
The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is a premier forum for governments, global corporations and international entrepreneurs. Founded in 1971 by engineer and economist Klaus Schwab, the WEF describes its mission as “shaping global, regional and industry agendas” and “improving the state of the world”. According to its website, “moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.” The WEF has been involved in the coronavirus pandemic in several ways.

Welcome to fully automated luxury gnosticism – Mary Harrington | Unherd | September 23, 2021

Is in-person human contact now a luxury good? You might be forgiven for this impression, at least in elite coastal America, after seeing the photos from New York’s $30,000-a-ticket Met Gala last week. In one already-notorious image Carolyn Maloney, a Democratic representative for New York City, sports a gown that trailed multiple banners bearing the legend EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN. Maloney smiles, unmasked, at the camera. Behind her stand serried ranks of female serving staff, dressed in black and wearing identical black Covid masks.

Simon Elmer on biosecurity, capitalism and revolution – Left Lockdown Sceptics | August 26, 2021

Simon is a writer and researcher. In 2001 he received his Ph.D. in the history and theory of art and architecture from University College London. He has taught at the universities of London, Manchester and Reading and for two years, was a visiting professor at the University of Michigan. In 2015. He co-founded architects for social housing, ASH, for which he is Director of Research. Over the past year, he has published two collections of articles on the Coronavirus crisis: ‘COVID-19 Implementing the UK Biosecurity State’ and ‘Brave New World, Expanding the UK Biosecurity State Through the Winter of 2020-2021’. Previous publications on the UK housing crisis include, with ASH co-founder Geraldine Denning, ‘For a Socialist Architecture Under Capitalism,’ ‘The Costs of State Regeneration’ and ‘The Truth About Grenfell Tower.’

The Artificial Reproduction of the Human: the Road of Transhumanism – 325 Collective | Nevermore | August 20, 2021

The transhumanist movement began in the USA, in Silicon Valley, in the late 1980s, but if we try to track down the origin of this ideology, we find ourselves in 1883, when the term eugenics was coined by Galton, or in 1957, when Huxley [Julian, brother of Aldous] gave a speech where he used the word transhumanism to describe his transcendent belief in the human, and we end up with the cybernetic paradigm which arose during Second World War in the military sector.

Conspiracy theories aside, there is something fishy about the Great Reset – Ivan Wecke | Open Democracy | August 16, 2021

Intrigued by the palaver around last year’s summit, I decided to find out what the WEF’s Great Reset plan was really about. At the heart of conspiracy theories are supposed secret agendas and malicious intent. While these may be absent from the WEF’s Great Reset initiative, what I found was something almost as sinister hiding in plain sight. In fact, more sinister because it’s real and it’s happening now. And it involves things as fundamental as our food, our data and our vaccines.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Systemic Collapse and Pandemic Simulation – Fabio Vighi | The Philosophical Salon | August 16, 2021

A year and a half after the arrival of Virus, some may have started wondering why the usually unscrupulous ruling elites decided to freeze the global profit-making machine in the face of a pathogen that targets almost exclusively the unproductive (over 80s). Why all the humanitarian zeal? Cui bono? Only those who are unfamiliar with the wondrous adventures of GloboCap can delude themselves into thinking that the system chose to shut down out of compassion. Let us be clear from the start: the big predators of oil, arms, and vaccines could not care less about humanity.

The Disturbing Origins of Cybernetics and Transhumanism – Matthew Ehret | Off Guardian | June 26, 2021

This Borg-like deterministic faith in the human-machine synthesis that pervades the thinking of all modern transhumanists is both cultish, creepy and just plain wrong. However, without a proper evaluation into the historic roots of these ideas that threaten to derail global civilization into a dystopian collapse, it is impossible to understand anything fundamental about the past 120 years of human experience, let alone see where the fatal flaws are within the Great Reset/Transhumanist operating system.

A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction – Whitney Webb | Unlimited Hangout | June 25, 2021

A UK nonprofit with ties to global corruption throughout the COVID-19 crisis as well as historical and current ties to the UK eugenics movement launched a global health-focused DARPA equivalent last year. The move went largely unnoticed by both mainstream and independent media.

Manufacturing (New Normal) “Reality” – CJ Hopkins | Substack | June 20, 2021

The ultimate goal of every totalitarian system is to establish complete control over society and every individual within it in order to achieve ideological uniformity and eliminate any and all deviation from it. This goal can never be achieved, of course, but it is the raison d’être of all totalitarian systems, regardless of what forms they take and ideologies they espouse. You can dress totalitarianism up in Hugo Boss-designed Nazi uniforms, Mao suits, or medical-looking face masks; its core desire remains the same: to remake the world in its paranoid image … to replace reality with its own “reality.”

The Great Self-Betrayal and the Great Reset – Tessa Lena | Substack | June 8, 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (which, by the way, is an official goal of western governments at the moment, as per many official documents and contracts) is predicated upon our spiritual and physical self-betrayal, and I mean it literally. We are asked to dance along the carrot and the whip of their biosecurity-state-impact-investment-gene-therapy-total-surviellance reform but they don’t tell us how it all ends for us. Nor do they care about minds or bodies.

On Teapots, Leaderboards and Thingification – Remembering Dr. King – Wrench In The Gears | February 25, 2021

More and more folks do realize something is up. Society, which grooms us to embrace mindless debt-fueled consumption to steal our souls and commercialize our culture, has been walking us ever so slowly towards that “thingification” of which Dr. King so eloquently spoke. The moment the masses no longer have the wherewithal to consume, which is not so far off, the Davos crowd plans to turn the tables. If we’re not careful, we’ll be the ones consumed – as pay for success debt products – by global financiers. Empire turning inward, our lives transformed into animated characters trapped in an inscrutable game of digital surveillance and coded nudges. The field of play will be the spatial web. New and improved with robot police and QR codes!

Schwab Family Values – Johnny Vedmore | Unlimited Hangout | February 20, 2021

With the World Economic Forum now a prominent advocate for nuclear non-proliferation and “clean” nuclear energy, Klaus Schwab’s past makes him a poor spokesperson for his professed agenda for the present and the future. Yet, digging even deeper into his activities, it becomes clear that Schwab’s real role has long been to “shape global, regional and industry agendas” of the present in order to ensure the continuity of larger, much older agendas that came into disrepute after World War II, not just nuclear technology, but also eugenics-influenced population control policies.

Controlling the left: the impact edgenda – Paul Cudenec | Winter Oak | February 10, 2021

There remains nothing, in culture or in nature, which has not been transformed, and polluted, according to the means and interests of modern industry”, wrote Guy Debord in his superb 1988 book Commentaires sur la société du spectacle. He warned darkly of “provocation, infiltration, and various forms of elimination of authentic critique in favour of a false one which will have been created for this purpose”. Today this manufactured astroturf “dissent” covers practically the whole political and cultural terrain, with only tiny green shoots of authenticity able to occasionally break through the plastic carpet of suffocating artifice.

The Great Reset: The end of Capitalism as we know it – Sean Stinson | Off Guardian | December 14, 2020

Dare we frame this story without at least a minimal understanding of the cult of technocracy, the ideology forged in the embers of the Great Depression which sought to remake the world in a more resilient fashion, leaving out the corruptible human element from decision making processes? This may seem of esoteric interest only, but when novels like 1984 and Brave New World begin to read more like instruction manuals than fiction, one has to wonder.