Readings: Food, land, farming & allotments

Agroecology & the threat of gene editing – Safeguarding Agroecology Project | July, 2021

Until very recently, genetic engineering had largely fallen off the food and farming agenda. For a long time, before the government’s 2021 public consultation on deregulating gene editing technologies, it was rare for it to be included in discussions or actions aimed at raising awareness of food systems and food sovereignty in the UK.

Bill Gates’ plans to remake food systems will harm the climate – Stacy Malkan | U.S. Right To Know | February 25, 2021

Hundreds of civil society groups are protesting the Gates Foundation’s agricultural strategies and its influence over the upcoming UN World Food Summit. Insiders say this leadership is threatening to derail meaningful efforts to transform the food system, at a crucial moment when much of sub-Saharan Africa is reeling from multiple shocks and a growing hunger crisis due to pandemic and climate change conditions.

Anarchist farm: a revolutionary feast – Freedom | April 17, 2020

Food – or the potential lack of it – has played on a lot of people’s minds lately. The government’s mixed-messages, misinformation and pointless power-play with regard to the coronavirus pandemic led to fear-induced panic-buying which highlighted the weakness of ‘just in time’ supply chains; which are, of course, designed to maximise profit rather than meet people’s essential needs. This was followed by an upsurge in the numbers of people buying seeds as they realised that now might be a good time to start to ‘grow your own’

A Lot To Learn – Dave Goulson wonders whether allotments can save the Earth – Resurgence & Ecologist | January – February 2020

Is it impossible to grow food and support Nature at the same time? If we pursue intensive, industrial farming, we will ultimately wipe ourselves out, for our very survival depends upon a healthy environment. Some organic farms look pretty much like conventional farms: they are still trying to grow large monocultures of crops.