Readings: History

Bath Workhouse Burial Ground Project – Richard White | Bristol Radical History Group | January 25, 2022

Trees will grow and a wildflower meadow bloom at Bath’s Union Workhouse Burial Ground. A place of memory and reflection is emerging thanks to the work of local residents, artists and descendants of those buried there, unmemorialised, in unmarked graves. As the official memorial to a slave trader was toppled in Bristol, people in Bath sought to memorialise those officially forgotten. Bath Workhouse burial grounds do not exist on any modern map, there is no signage or plaque. Following a long campaign for recognition, this is beginning to change. The autumn and winter of 2021 saw a series of planting events at one of the sites and a plaque was installed at this long overlooked and formerly forgotten field.

Some insights into the lives of the crew onboard the slave ship Hannibal – Rosemary L Caldicott | Bristol Radical History Group | January 24, 2022

Working on a ship was a dangerous occupation and accidents were frequent. Six weeks after leaving London on 23 November 1693 the Hannibal was involved in a six hour sea battle with the French man-of-war the Louis. As a consequence five crew were killed outright with 32 others being injured and some probably dying shortly afterwards from their wounds. Following the battle and during the course of the voyage the author has calculated that a further 36 men were to perish from disease before the ship returned home to London in 1695.