Anarchists who can see what’s going on

It’s good to know there are other anarchists out there who can see what’s being done to us in this time of crisis…

On the Anarchist Response to the Global Pandemic – Montreal Counter-Information | February 4, 2021

Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

The Covid19 crisis has presented a challenge to anarchists and others who believe in a fully autonomous and liberated life. We write this today because we feel too many people who in better times carry these political and philosophical banners are setting aside their core beliefs – or worse – twisting and contorting those beliefs in wholly disappointing ways, conforming to the mandates of technocrats and politicians, and are convincing themselves that doing so is some grand act of solidarity with the most vulnerable people in our societies.

We say loudly that if the political tenets you promote and encourage in the best of times whither and shrink in times of crisis, then your political tenets are worthless. Any system of organization or any belief about human autonomy that needs to be set aside when history lays a challenge at our feet, is not worth keeping around when the emergency subsides. For truly, it is times of difficulty and challenge that place our ideas on the scale of utility to tell us whether or not they are as robust as we may believe.

As anarchists, autonomy over one’s own mind and body are essential to our values. We believe that human beings are intelligent enough to decide for themselves how to assess their surroundings and to make determinations on how to go forth living in a way that meets their needs and desires. Of course, we recognize that this autonomy comes packaged with genuine responsibility not only to one’s self, but to those with whom they are in community – including the non-human world. We certainly recognize that individuals may be asked for their cooperation in achieving a collective goal. But we also recognize the fundamental importance of consent in such situations, and that force and punishment are antithetical to an anarchist worldview.

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  1. Hi comrades, it seems my bosses will fire me as I am opposed to their control measures , which they are imposing as company policy, instead of boris coming out and saying these measures are mandatory, it being done through the back door presuring companies to dictate policy. I am a cleaner in offices of a care company, there is no need for me to be present in the building while any staff or s/ u are present yet my employer is tring to force me to accept test track and trace and now saying the same for vacinations. Im not an anti madker vaxer etc etc.. But me and a few other workers are for choice over what goes in to our bodies.
    I know there is pretty much zero workers solidarity over these issues right now. Bodily autonomy seems to have now fallen to the bottom of the pile for a lot of the ‘left’ and sections of anarcho movement right now. Let alone the unions grassroots or otherwize.


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