‘Freedom’ deferred…

Dave – the editor

Was anyone really surprised when it was announced that the so called ‘Freedom Day’ we were promised for Monday 21 June has been postponed until Monday 19 July? Will anyone be really surprised if, as we get closer to Monday 19 July, it gets put back again? Given how much has been invested in implementing the great reset / fourth industrial revolution agenda and the way the coronavirus crisis has been leveraged to start to bring this about, anyone who is looking at the situation critically and holistically will not be expecting the government to grant us any meaningful degree of freedom.

Before going any further, here’s a bit of an aside… These bullshit dates for getting our ‘freedoms’ back from the government always seem to be on a Monday. A clear signal the the government and their advisors do not trust us mere plebs with a Friday ‘easing’ of restrictions in case we spend the weekend getting well and truly bladdered with absolutely no regard for physical distancing protocols. Mind you, after fifteen months of lockdowns and tiered restrictions, you cant really blame people for wanting to let their hair down…

In an ideal world, freedom wouldn’t be for the government of the day to gift or deny us. Freedom should be our inalienable right as autonomous human beings. We live in a far from ideal world – not that any of us need reminding of that grim reality. Sadly, tragically even, we live in a world where too many people are willing to surrender their freedoms to the government in return for an illusion of safety and security. A situation considerably exacerbated by fifteen months of what can only be termed a psyop – Review: A State of Fear.

What does a delay of four weeks and very possibly longer than that mean? For a good few in the hospitality and entertainment sectors, this will be the final blow that will push them to permanent closure. Spending a lot of money preparing for an illusion of freedom that is deferred by diktat is not an exercise that can be repeated over and over again. There are going to be casualties. Owners and proprietors will go bust. Staff will lose their jobs. People who want somewhere to meet and socialise will find the choice of where they can do that increasingly restricted and quite possibly, eliminated altogether. That will only exacerbate the loneliness and isolation that has been the lot of too many people over the last fifteen months.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the government, their corporate backers and all of the shady organisations that do their bidding want to see if not the end of hospitality, then a radical shrinkage and change in how it operates. The thing about cafes, pubs, bars, nightclubs, dancehalls and restaurants is that they’re all places where people meet up to socialise. They’re places where people meet each other in chance encounters. The meeting up and chance encounters are where people talk and discuss things away from any mediating or controlling influences. Which if you’re a government that’s implementing the great reset is the last thing you want. They want us to remain fearful, isolated and shifting our communication with each other online where it can be monitored, controlled and censored.

What’s being dangled in front of us is the Faustian bargain that if we get our two jabs of what is still an experimental medical compound and sign up to some kind of ‘passport’ to prove it, we’ll be able to go out to the bars, restaurants, clubs and concerts again. Subject to proving you’ve been double ‘jabbed’. Or at the very least, having been tested and proved to be ‘free’ of coronavirus. Hence the emphasis on trial events to a) gauge the level of public acceptance of these measures and b) to test the logistics of organising this. Logistics that can only realistically be undertaken by the bigger operators and would leave the smaller independents struggling to cope.

The level of acceptance of what has been dubbed a ‘vaccine passport’ or at the very least, a negative test result, will give the government and the other shady players involved in this s***show an indication of how far they can go in starting to push digital identification upon us. Any form of unified digital identification opens up a right can of worms when you think that could include anything from your health data through to your buying habits. With the accelerated trend towards a cashless economy, everything you purchase is potentially open to scrutiny. Not just by marketers keen to flog you more stuff but also by people with a malign desire to control your life…

Imagine these scenarios just a few years down the line… Your ‘vaccine passport’ has merged into a full spectrum digital identification system that has a lot of information about you. Cash is almost history so pretty much every purchase is digital and trackable. The government of the day wants to nudge the populace into healthier eating and drinking habits. It wouldn’t be that hard to use digital technology to set limits on what you can buy would it? Sorry Dave, you’ve tried to buy more than the one bottle of beer a week you’re allowed – purchase declined. Try to exceed your limit again and your card will be frozen for a period. There’s this as well… You’ve put up one two many posts on Twitter critical of the government and their shady corporate backers. As your online identity could well be linked in with your digital identity, it wouldn’t be that hard to impose some kind of ‘discipline’ by invalidating your cash card would it?

Conspiracy theory? Fantasy? Go back two years to the ‘before times’, think about what we’ve had to accept since March 2020 and ask yourself, would you in June 2019 have believed it let alone been willing to go along with it? A lot of what I have been predicting and warning people about since March 2020 has either come to pass or is in the pipeline. There’s nothing to indicate that what I suggested in the previous paragraph won’t come to pass unless we really ramp up the resistance…

Is there resistance? It depends how you define that. A fair number of people have always just paid lip service to masking and physical distancing requirements without ever buying into it, simply because they want to avoid unnecessary confrontations. That stance may not sit well with some of the more fervent lockdown sceptics but to be fair, given the amount of stress we’ve all been under, it’s understandable. This may just be anecdotal but I’ve noticed that mask compliance is dropping right off. I’ve also noticed a lot less in the way of the pavement dancing that was a feature of much of 2020 as too many people were conditioned into regarding each other as vectors of infection.

While the pubs and clubs may still be labouring under restrictions, by and large, parks, open spaces and beaches are places where people are gathering to socialise and chill out. Gathering in the numbers they see fit, not what’s been ‘advised’ by the government. Also, they’re not paying too much heed to exhortations to maintain physical distancing. It was this hedonistic, semi low key resistance I wrote about back in the early part of April: Is there a growing undercurrent of hedonistic defiance? The publication of that piece was swiftly followed by one of the cooler April/May periods we’ve experienced for some years! However, as I write, it looks as though we may well be in for a long hot summer, not just weather-wise but quite possibly, out on the streets as well.

How will things pan out from this point? My gut feeling is that the tide is starting to turn as a growing number of people tire of life under lockdowns and tiered restrictions. There’s an increase in the number of people starting to ask some deeper questions about what’s being done to us and what the real agenda is. The ‘postponement’ of the June 21 ‘freedom’ date has tipped more people towards questioning what is actually going on. The turnout on the #UniteForFreedom protest in London on Saturday 26 July will be an indication of the strength of feeling and how far people are prepared to go to fight for real freedom.

There’s no doubt the authorities are aware of the growing level of discontent after fifteen months. They’re certainly aware that more people are becoming aware of what the real agenda is. What we cannot for one moment afford to forget is that they’ve invested way too much in pushing the great reset agenda to back down without a fight. I’ll be on the #UniteForFreedom protest on Saturday 26 July. Needless to say, I hope it’s massive. However, I’m under no illusions whatsoever that the government, the corporations and everyone else involved are going to back down in the face of a mass protest in London. They’ll double down and use every dirty trick in the book to smear us, discredit us and break our will. Aided and abetted by an army of ‘useful idiots’ that includes some people that up to a few years ago, I would have regarded as comrades. But that’s a story for another day…

I don’t want to sound hyperbolic but the next few months are crucial, in what for many of us, will be the biggest political battle of our lives. One that may well demand a high level of personal sacrifice as increasingly rattled authorities tighten the screw. One that if we want a future that’s worth living in, we absolutely have to win. History is written by the winners…let’s make sure we’re the ones relating the history of this period…

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