By any and every means possible

We’ve written a lot about vaccine passports ever since they were mooted last year. If they’re allowed to be widely deployed, there will inevitably be mission creep and that will be leading us to a hateful dystopian future. Regular readers of this blog will know that we (and many others) view them as a likely precursor to a full blown digital identity. When you take into consideration the accelerating push towards a cashless society and the lurking threat of some form of social credit, you will hopefully understand why we loathe the very idea of vaccine passports because of what they could well lead to.

While everyone is getting distracted by the fuel supply crisis, the government have quietly slipped in a ‘consultation’ about the deployment of vaccine passports – here’s the link to it:

Proposal for mandatory COVID certification in a Plan B scenario: call for evidence

They were probably hoping that most people wouldn’t notice. Tough luck – we have noticed! Yes, it’s a ‘consultation’ and yes, we’re generally pretty cynical about these exercises. However, with this fight, it really is a case of by any and every means possible. So please, take some time to fill out the ‘consultation’ and let the government know that you do not want to see vaccine passports deployed in any way, shape or form. See it as just one of many ways of sending a signal to the government that you will not be accepting the imposition of these. Once you’ve done that, go back to whatever forms of resistance you were engaging in:)

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