Dead as a f**king dodo

On the evening of Wednesday 19 October, yet again, the Coronavirus Act was extended for another six months. There was some discussion about it in a scantily attended session of the House of Commons. There wasn’t a vote at the end of the discussion. The Deputy Speaker said ‘it’s not the mood of the House to vote on the issue’. The extension was passed without a division. It went through on the nod. That’s six more months of life under a state of emergency where, if the government deem it ‘necessary’, they can do what the f**k they want to us. If anyone was still under the illusion that we live in some find of functioning democracy, that should have ended as soon as the extension was allowed to go through on the nod.

As things stand at the moment, the government are claiming that they will not be imposing another lockdown: COVID-19: Minister rules out another lockdown as PM is urged to enforce ‘Plan B’ to avert winter crisis. For the benefit of anyone taking this at face value, bear in mind that earlier this year, vaccine passports were being ruled out. Our advice is to take anything the government says with a pinch of salt. They may not go for a full lockdown but it’s highly likely they’ll be imposing a level of restrictions that will make it feel pretty much like a lockdown.

You can fully expect all of this to be weaponised to coerce as many people as possible into signing up for vaccine passports as the only way we’ll get our ‘freedom’ back. At this point, we’d like to remind you that opposition to vaccine passports is coming from quite a few double jabbed people we know, not just the unvaccinated. Please don’t fall for the divide and rule tactics being deployed that are pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated because you’ll be falling for the agenda of the government and their corporate backers.

We searched for coverage of the extension to the Coronavirus Act going through on the nod and so far, is pretty much the only report we can find on it: Labour approves Coronavirus Act renewal but urges action on booster jabs. You would have thought that six more months of living under emergency powers would be newsworthy but the mainstream media thinks otherwise. All we’re getting is a barrage of fear porn that will push us towards the imposition of vaccine passports. As with the delusions about democracy, if anyone was still under the impression that we have honest, balanced, fair and intelligent journalism, that needs to be put to rest immediately.

Returning to the subject of so called democracy, to add insult to injury, we have these:

Couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery… – October 16, 2021
Meetings of Thurrock Council are being postponed and cancelled because they claim they cannot find any suitable alternative venues while work in ongoing to repair damage from a water leak in the Civic Offices in Grays.
Who’s really calling the shots? – October 19, 2021
When it comes to the proposed high rise apartment towers in Basildon town centre, it’s pretty clear that the developers think they’re the ones calling the shots, not the council.

Even at the level of the local authorities, democracy is pretty much on life support as things currently stand. Regarding journalism, at the hyper-local level we operate at, we’re fortunate to have Thurrock Nub News with an old school reporter who is determined to hold Thurrock Council to account. They are however, a rare flicker of light in a sea of bland, toe the line and regurgitate the press release that’s a mockery of what journalism is supposed to be.

Overall, it’s looking pretty grim all round. It will be grim if we let the bastards get away with it… If however, we carry on and accelerate what can loosely be termed the ‘resistance’, we have a chance. It’s no good looking to elected politicians to get out out of this. Sure, a few of then have the guts and integrity to speak out against what’s being done to us but the majority have fallen into lockstep and are toeing the line. Don’t bother looking to movements of the left to pull us out of this because they won’t: Who’s behind the fake-left vaccine gang? As for the alt-right elements who are sniffing round the fringes of the resistance looking for an opportunity, they need to be sent packing in no uncertain terms.

Our attitude needs to be this:

In addition to the above, there’s this as well: It’s clusterf**k time! Another set of crises that will have people clamouring for the government to ‘sort it out’. Please don’t fall for that. Find like minded people in your community, build a network and get those mutual aid initiatives up and running. Ignore the supporters of the narrative that tell us we have to comply. Tell the divide and rule merchants to sling their hook. We have each other and it’s through this that we’ll beat what’s coming and start to bring about the radical change we desperately need.

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