Dave – the editor

The two of us behind this project are planning to move down to near Bristol by the middle of this year. Relocating means there will have to be changes to how this project carries on. This is what will happen to all of the component parts:

The Thurrock and Basildon Heckler

As this is a specifically local project, once we depart, it will be archived for posterity. The complexities of relocating permitting, we’ll carry on posting on this blog until we finally depart. The last post will list all those groups and individuals across Thurrock and Basildon who like us, have been a thorn in the sides of the respective councils plus the likes of Highways England. We will have gone but there are plenty of people carrying on the fight in various ways and we hope you’ll give them your support.

The Stirrer

As this blog covers generic issues, it will be coming with us down to the Bristol area. Sharp eyed readers may have noticed the start of a bit of a pivot to that region with the material we’re featuring on this page: Readings: History. Whether we produce a paper depends on how we do/don’t fit into the activist scene where we’re moving to.

Alternative Estuary

This project will continue. It will be jointly run by comrades in Essex plus us two down in the Bristol area. Obviously a re-branding will be needed to remove any geographical specificity from the name – Grassroots Alternatives is a strong contender for a new title. As well as the Essex listings, once we’ve relocated, we’ll start adding listings from where we are. When it comes to printed papers, the listings will be a A4 inserts, one for each location.

Social media

The South Essex Radical Media branding has been retired from our social media accounts. This is what we’re now known as and where we can be found:

Facebook – The Stirrer

Twitter – The Stirrer

We aim to have relocated by the summer. While there’s a lot we’ll miss about operating in the south of Essex, we’re looking forward to new challenges and building new alliances when we relocate. We realise that with this blog in particular, we’ve acquired a reputation for being a bit ‘difficult’. That’s something we’re happy to live with for the sake of being true to our beliefs. Suffice to say, we know there are people in and around the Bristol area that we can work with:)

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