Psychological warfare

Dave – the editor

A confession… I’m over the age of 65. As a result of some considerable pressure and coercion, I’ve had two AstraZeneca jabs. After both, I was pretty ill for a couple of days and didn’t fully recover until four days afterwards. So far, there have been no other adverse, long term side effects. I sincerely hope this remains the case but there’s always that nagging doubt in the back of my mind that in the long term, my health may be compromised by these jabs. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve done my bit and am really not interested in having a so called booster. Given that I had the second AstraZeneca jab in the middle of August, it isn’t due until February if we’re sticking to the original guidelines of six months and disregarding the goalpost shifting from the government.

So you can imagine that when I read this – Over-65s without Covid boosters could be banned from public spaces, suggests Sajid Javid – Ben Riley-Smith | The Telegraph | 10 November, 2021 – my reaction did involve a fair bit of profanity! I don’t drive so rely on trains and buses to get around. It was this quote from the article that really got to me: “Sajid Javid has said he cannot rule out the possibility that over-65s who have not had a Covid booster jab could be barred from taking trains or entering restaurants at some point”. To put it bluntly, if this ever does come about, I’m screwed. Not just because I refuse to take a booster but also, because I’ve no intention of ever downloading a vaccine passport onto my phone.

After scraping myself from the ceiling and taking a few deep breaths, I re-read the article and started to try and dissect what messages it was being used to convey. The headline is provocative clickbait. With the Telegraph’s readership being weighted towards the over 65s, a headline like this will guarantee a lot of eyeballs scanning it. From what I saw on the Telegraph’s Twitter feed after they posted up the link to this article, the reaction was almost uniformly hostile. Javid said that “ he cannot rule out the possibility”. When you take a step back, this could well be a kite flying exercise to gauge what the reaction would be. Given the hostile reaction so far, the government may decide that this is a step too far, water things down a bit, spin it to feel like they’ve made a major concession and hope us over 65s feel that we’ve been spared. Good luck with that one! My gut feeling is that a growing number of us oldies are starting to see through what the government are trying to put over on us.

By putting out the suggestion out that we could be pretty much excluded from a lot of public spaces if we don’t take up the offer of a so called booster, this could also be seen as applying psychological pressure to book the jab as soon as possible. It’s trying to scare people into going down a path that for many reasons, they’re reluctant to do so. This is blatant coercion. The ‘easing’ of the guidelines so you don’t have to wait six months from your second jab until the booster is another way of applying pressure. This easing could be seen as a bit of carrot waving to counter the threat of being banned from public spaces if we don’t comply. What appears to be absent is any discussion about the safety risks of shortening the time between the second jab and the booster. All of this is prompting a growing number of people to start asking questions about who may be pulling the government’s strings and what is the role of the pharmaceutical industry in doing this.

As mentioned earlier, Javid’s suggestion that us over 65s could be banned from public spaces if we don’t comply, does rely on the acceptance of vaccine passports, particularly, digital ones. To enforce this, pretty much everyone would be required to carry some form of certification. A refusal to carry any form of certification, regardless of your vaccination status, would be seen by the authorities as a justification to exclude you from a public space. That’s assuming they can find the personnel who are willing to undertake the enforcement. Make no mistake, this is about getting everyone to have a digital vaccine passport as a precursor to the eventual introduction of a digital identity. There’s one thing the government haven’t factored in. We know a number of double jabbed people who are eager, almost desperate, to access the booster. Yet, pretty much all of them reject the idea of a digital vaccine passport because the can see where that will eventually lead. If the government think that willingness to accept the booster also means embracing vaccine passports, they have made a serious miscalculation.

This is working at a number of levels. We have a clickbait headline. We have coercion in the threat of banishment from public spaces if we don’t duly comply. We have a little bit of carrot with the guidelines on the time you have to wait for the booster being eased. We have the implied suggestion that at some point, we’ll have to accept the imposition of digital vaccine passports whether we like it or not. We have a lot of goalpost shifting. The goalpost shifting creates doubt, anxiety and fear. All of these make it a lot easier to manipulate and control the population. Basically, we have a government, in the service of faceless corporations, aided and abetted by their friends in the mainstream media, waging psychological warfare against us. The important thing is that when we see headlines like this, we take a few steps back to pull apart what’s been written, what’s been said, what messages are being conveyed, and then react accordingly. These bastards are devious – we have to at least match them in that department if we’re ever going to win.

My gut feeling and that of may others, is that the government are starting to realise a growing number of people are becoming aware of what the bigger agenda is. The window of opportunity to force the fourth industrial revolution upon us is starting to narrow. The government and all of the other shady bastards involved are starting to get rattled. That means they’ll be re-doubling their efforts to get things back on track. Things are going to get more difficult for us refuseniks over the coming weeks and months. However, there are chinks showing in the armour – we have to exploit the tactical mistakes they’re making. If we hold the line, we can start to beat what’s being done to us…

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