It’s complicated…

We can’t help but notice the demonisation of anyone opposing vaccine passports, digital or paper, as so called ‘anti-vaxxers’. It would be too easy to dismiss this demonisation as lazy, uniformed thinking. That would be wrong because this is part of a strategy of divide and rule. The problem we face is that too many people are falling for this rather than taking a few steps back, having a critical look at the situation and asking a few pointed questions.

If the corporations, politicians and their willing accomplices in the media pushing for mandatory vaccine passports think that everyone who has been jabbed is up for this, they’re very much mistaken. As we’ve mentioned before, while this is anecdotal evidence, it’s pretty telling – we know a lot of double jabbed people who are adamant they do not want to have to download a digital vaccine passport onto their smartphone. We know a fair few people eagerly awaiting their ‘booster’ jabs who are equally adamant that they do not want a digital vaccine passport. Many of these people are also pretty reluctant to even have a paper vaccine certificate. There is not an automatic correlation between having the jab/s and wanting to download a digital vaccine passport.

These are people who over the last twenty one months have pretty much complied with everything that was asked of them. They’ve worn the masks when they’ve been in crowded indoor settings. Quite a few have tested themselves regularly. When it was expected of them, they’ve observed physical distancing protocols and sticking to bubbles. For some of them, this has come at a cost to their mental health and well being. Despite doing ‘their bit’, they’re adamant they do not want to go down the route of a digital passport.

Obviously, there’s a range of reasons why they’re resisting vaccine passports. At a basic level, there’s a lack of faith in any government sponsored IT project because they don’t exactly have a brilliant track record when it comes to working efficiently! Moving on, there are fears that personal health data will end up being sold to third parties. Going up a few levels, in an already fractured society, they see vaccine passports as something else that’s going to divide people. Going up another few levels, there’s an instinctive reaction against the imposition of a ‘papers please’ society.

If someone has spent the last twenty one months complying with diktats that we think were unreasonable, but are now coming out as strongly opposed to vaccine passports, we’re going to welcome them as allies. We can’t afford the luxury of being purist about this in any way shape or form. We’ve no time for the unvaccinated, self defined ‘pure bloods’ who would reject any form of alliance with double or even triple jabbed vaccine passport refuseniks. These purists are equally as complicit in the divide and rule agenda as are those pushing the jabs and the vaccine passports. Given what’s at stake, we can’t afford to reject allies, regardless of how late in the day they’re coming over to our way of thinking.

As the title of this piece suggests, it’s complicated. Despite elements at both extremes wanting to present this as a black and white, right or wrong issue with no grey areas, the reality is a heck of a lot more nuanced than that. Once people grasp the levels of nuance, it’s generally a lot easier to have a reasonable discussion about how we can resist what’s being done to us and what’s planned for us further down the line. Obviously, we realise there are elements who understand that the situation is complicated but who, for their own nefarious ends, choose to carry on polarising people, perpetuating a culture of divide and rule.

As for those former comrades who continue to smear all strands of resistance to what’s being done to us as ‘alt right’, may we politely suggest that they read/re-read these pieces we wrote a while back: Dealing with the complexities of reality… – September 25, 2021 and: Dealing with the new (ab)normal – a situation report – August 6, 2021. Obviously, an apology for some of the slurs that have been aimed in our direction would be welcome but we won’t be holding our breath.

Lastly, if you are one of those people who have seen footage of scenes in countries such as Austria where the goons are stopping people at random to demand they show their vaccination status and think that’s acceptable, you need to take a good look at yourself. The same applies to those who think that shutting the unvaccinated/not ‘fully vaccinated’ out of pretty much every aspect of life until they struggle to survive because they can’t even shop for food. We see you. History is not on your side.

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  1. Spot on! I know plenty of vaccinated people who are opposed to enforcements.. unvaccinated & vaccinated peeps who are sharing solidarity, and have similar perspectives on digital/’health’ I.D’s &enforcement measures, especially around the health care sector, from discussions with workers I know and have recently met within NHS and Care Homes. Personally I’m finding it difficult to find employment after getting fired for resisting and refusing new enforcement measures within the care company I used to work for as a housekeeper. Though had support from some workers there (vaccinated and unvaccinated), who understood why some of us would oppose our bosses new powers & perminant enforcment of intrusive medical procenforcmeas well as standing up to the general authoritarian attitudes from management after lockdown.

    The situation with enforcements and I.D is definately not as clear cut as the politrick’uns and corporate media would have us believe. Though for sure at least a few bosses will definately be rubbing their greesy claws over these power grabs to force out militant workers.

    We’ll see how things manifest, when or if the State does a full mandate across the sectors in Blighty, like in Italy, France, Greece and Aus etc. Where situations are getting quite interesting and difficult for power to manage. If not pretty intense for those standing up.

    In Greece people are banned from public life, though supermarkets and pharmacys still accept unvaccinated people so far. There is a general escaltion of police brutality and out right murder over there( which was already pretty brutal anyway). Recently a Roma youth was sprayed with bullets from specialist police units there, during recent new lockdown, + untold deaths/murder of refugees and migrants at the hands of fascists and cops. Rebels are still taking to the streets in defiance though. If they didnt they know they would be making it too easy for the bastards in power over there.

    Elsewhere, in St Vincent & the Grenadines a few months ago now, the Prime minister got mobbed & then stoned (the state claimed) by an elderly lady against to mandates:

    For those who dont like seeing people in power realise they are just as vulnerable as the next person, (despite their illusions of grandure.) Probably not a good idea to watch this one:


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